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Greetings! I am Raeven Goodman, published author, motivational speaker, engineer, and lipnomaniac!  As someone who has always suffered from naturally dry and severely hyperpigmented lips, I have formulated a range of “lipnotics” designed to prevent and repair damage, treat discoloration, and restore moisture. All products are combinations of essential and natural oils each tailored to your specific lip care needs. Daytime “lipnotics” are offered for those looking for long-lasting moisture and protective coating throughout the day.  Nighttime ointments are also available and are best used to exfoliate and maintain moisture at night giving a fresh morning feel.  At LipNotized we are committed to giving you the best experience possible which is why all products are customer focused, results-driven, high-quality, inclusive, and affordable. Additionally, our lipnotics are chemical and toxin free and can be used alone for a hydrated, natural look or as a base for other daily lip routines and applications. We hope you enjoy our products and thank you for choosing LipNotized for your lip care needs.

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